Think You’ll Never Be In Debt? Think Again


Remember 2008 when the markets crashed? That was actually caused by a huge portion of people living on credit and living past their means. Unfortunately, in 2017 there is evidence it’s happening again. People are racking up debts on credit cards, going on holidays that they haven’t paid for and buying home furniture they can’t afford. It’s a dangerous situation, but it’s really the tip of the iceberg when looking at the causes of debt. Like any iceberg, the true danger remains hidden, underneath the surface.

You might think that medical bills could never drive you into debt. On the contrary unpaid medical bills are one of the main causes of personal debt in the USA. It’s not the little things like a scraped knee that causes debt. It’s when you get in a car accident and need skin grafting for your face. Or, how about paying for cancer treatment. If you’ve never dealt with cancer in the family, you might think the treatment is free or at least affordable. It isn’t, on average cancer treatment can cost close to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might survive but if you do you’ll be paying off the treatment for the rest of your life. Of course, you can get health insurance, but a lot of people either choose not to or simply can’t afford it. One of the reasons why people haven’t applied for Obama care is because it’s complicated. So rather than tackling the issue, they avoid it completely. However, getting a good insurance plan could certainly help you avoid the danger of debt.


You may have recently dealt with a death in the family. One of the worst things about a tragedy like this is handling what they left behind. Money is passed down as are any personal effects, but what if the opposite happened. What if after your loved one died, you discovered that all they had to pass on was unpaid debt. As the grieving spouse, you would be responsible for any debt that they had accumulated over the years. It would become your burden. You might think that could never happen, but you’d be surprised. It’s a whole different kind of tragedy that many people have to deal with. Their only hope then is personal loans for debt consolidation. Particularly if the individual had debt from multiple sources.

Thinking about buying property this year? It’s another cause of debt in the USA because most people who buy property can’t afford it outright. Instead, they have to take out a mortgage, and that is essentially built into the process of purchasing a home these days. The problem is that this is essentially a debt and it can start to weigh you down. Particularly when the rules and stipulations behind the mortgage change. The interest rate can become unmanageable, and you’re then tied into a property you can’t afford. As such, you do need to double check you can afford the overall costs before you commit to a purchase like this.

You see, debt may strike you when you least expect it. So never say never, always prepare.

The Best UK Online Slots



Slot machines have been around for many decades, and as with all such things, they have evolved to a degree we could not have imagined. Slots are fun – and you stand a chance of making some money – and you can find them in your local casino, the pub or even in some café’s, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to play slot machines in your own home? Well, the simple fact is you can, and we’re going to tell you how you can do it.

All you need is a home computer – or even a tablet or smartphone – and an internet connection, and you can access a whole world of slot machines and other online casino games, which you can play for real money, or if you prefer, for demo money. In fact, the latter option is recommended at first, as it gives you a chance to learn the way the machine works, so you can be better prepared for when you try and win some money.

Choosing Your Game

As there are so many different online casino games and slots to choose from, you should use the demo mode to find out which one you enjoy playing most. You should also check the RTP rating – this is the return to player percentage – as this determines the possible return on your investment over a set period of play. The higher the percentage, the better your chances of winning, so look for a machine with a higher rating.

So, where do you find the best games? You can read more about online UK slots at, a great website offering information on the many UK online casino websites. Here you will find plenty of advice on the various games you can play – everything from traditional casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack, to live poker games where you play against others, and a whole range of exciting slot machines, just like the real thing!

Look for Bonuses

With most of the UK online casinos, you will get a bonus when you make your first deposit. You can do so via credit or debit card, and some sites offer you better bonuses than others. 777extraslot has plenty of information about the various deposit bonuses – usually they will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, so you get free money to play with! Remember, you can sign up with as many online casinos as you wish, and take advantage of as many signing-on bonuses as you can.

Playing online slots is great fun, but remember that you can lose money as well as win, so make sure you stay within your limits. With free spins and free money at the online casino you get better value for money from your outlay, and you can play wherever you are: at the pub, in your lunch break at work, or simply from your living room or when lounging in bed! Have a look at 777extraslot now for all the information you need on how to get the best out of online slots, and have fun!

Pass the CFA Exam First Time




Are you looking to train and qualify as a Chartered Financial Analyst? If so, it’s a great choice of career, and one that offers you a bright, lucrative and diverse future. A CFA is an essential part if the world of commerce in the 21st century, and there is plenty of demand for quality candidates. Let’s make this clear: the CFA is not an accountant, it’s someone who can offer real and reliable analysis of finances on a personal and corporate level, and some of these people can earn serious amounts of money.

But – and be warned – it’s not a short journey to qualifying; it’s one that can take a long time, and that involves very intricate and detailed exams. So, what can you do to ensure that you have the very best chance of passing your exam first time? You could use the study advice and courses available at, and join many satisfied students who are now fully qualified and in excellent jobs.

Reviews of Best Material

This excellent website will help you find the very best study advice and materials, from a variety of sources, and sets out to help its clients achieve the best results they can in the shortest possible time. You will find them to be helpful and professional at all times, and happy to answer any questions you may have about their products and services. You can find information on all levels – one, two and three – of the CFA exams, and advice on how to best plan your study time, as this really is an essential resource for anyone choosing to head down this potentially lucrative career path.

With guaranteed access to the best CFA study materials, you will be able to allocate your time more readily and efficiently, and move towards your goal at a pace that suits you. They can also help you with genuine mock exams, so you can be fully prepared for what you will actually be presented with when you finally need to sit your exams. It makes a lot of sense to take on board this kind of available help, so we recommend you check out the website as soon as you can to see how they can help.

Becoming a CFA

Whether you are looking at it as a career from the start or are in need of a change, becoming a CFA means you will have access to some of the best jobs in the world of finance, commerce and industry. Your skills in analysis and advising will be invaluable, and you will find that you are very much in demand. has already helped guide many successful students to a better life and career, so have a look at the website now, and you’ll see how they can help make your studies much easier.

Is Your Home Ready For Your Friends?

When we invite people over to our homes, we want to make a good impression. This could mean simple things, like cleaning the front garden up of all those leaves, cleaning our windows of all the detritus and debris that appears every day, or something even like ensuring the children’s toys are not hanging around underneath the bookcase and sofa and are put away neatly and tidy, in their place.

We all like to think that our homes are in perfect condition, are not messy and look elegant and modern but – obviously – sometimes that is not the case, especially if we have a bigger family or a busy household. When you invite people over for dinner or drinks (or both!), it is a good idea to put the stress of your home to the back of your mind and simply enjoy yourself and focus on your guests.

However, it is not a good to rush around within an hour of their expected arrival, frantically cleaning up and putting everything away. Give yourself time to do this, as its can be an arduous and sometimes slow task. For instance, if you have pets it is important to put them in a safe place (such as a conservatory) when your guests arrive. This is because some people may be allergic to your pets or may have a fear of them – so ensure nothing can go wrong by doing this simple thing. If you have children, it could be a good idea to give them an early bedtime if your guests are coming over your house late evening. This is positive as you can spend time with your children before your guests arrive, and you can be safe in the knowledge they are having a good night’s rest and won’t leave toys or other objects lying around, potentially causing an accident.

If you are renovating your home, only show your guests the rooms or spaces that have been decorated and you feel confident in showing. This will indicate to your guests that you take care of your home and will also allow them to develop feelings of your personal style, rather than rooms with old wallpaper, splattered paint and tools strewn on the floor. It is also good to keep your house and its surroundings warm for your guests, especially if you are eating outside using your James Shields barbecue. Being cold makes a social engagement uncomfortable at time, and it is important to allow your guests to feel at ease.
So, when inviting people over to your home always make sure that you are happy with the presentation of your home before they arrive. If you are struggling to tidy the house up, you could always ask a relative to come over and help you. This will mean two of you will be doing the job, meaning you will have more time to prepare the food, drink, and yourself for the evening ahead. Knowing your home is prepared, will leave you feeling less stressed and relaxed.

Getting the Most out of Your Tech Gadgets

We’ve seen it all too often before how a new piece of technology bursts onto the scene as the next biggest thing to perhaps even institute an entire paradigm shift in the way in which we interact with our world, only for that hot new piece of tech to die a quick death and fizzle out as just another one of those which failed to take off properly. I’d guess it’s the tech world’s version of Mother Nature’s natural selection process because quite honestly, a lot of what is called technology these days isn’t really technology in the scientific sense of the term.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier, yet the biggest investments get pumped into what are essentially just websites, apps and other such platforms which don’t really contribute to making our lives easier or more efficient. The venture capitalists are really only after the money they can make when they look for new start-ups and ideas to fund and they’re not necessarily looking to fund those ventures which contribute a brand new piece of tech to society, if at all.

All of that said however, any piece of tech is only as good as you know how to use it to its full extent and perhaps even use it in a manner which would fall nothing short of surprising the original developers of that technology. Think about how all the hype around 3-D printers has since died down spectacularly, yet there are some people who have mastered their use to such an extent that they can make their 3-D printer replicate itself by 3-D printing each of the components which make up the original device.

The self-replication feature of some makes of 3D printers is perhaps an extreme case of making full use of a piece of tech’s capabilities, but otherwise tech gadgets are usually limited in their capabilities only by the imagination. There are however some basic rules to follow if you want to at least get some value out of any piece of tech you’ve paid some good money for.

Protect it

Protecting your device against potentially damaging elements such as water, extreme heat or cold, too much exposure to the sun, falling, etc. is sometimes as simple as buying a cover in the case of something like your Smartphone. Check out these new iPhone cases to get a good idea of how to offer physical protection for something like your prized Smartphone.

Keep the Firmware Updated

Most gizmos run on some sort of firmware such as the Android or iOS operating systems in both Android and Apple mobile devices. Make sure to patch new updates as and when they become available to enjoy improved performance and security.

Use Third-Party Apps and Software According to a Specific Need

Don’t be too quick to install every single app you come across. Apps and other third-party software should only be installed on a needs-be basis to solve a specific problem you have or address a specific task. This also spares the memory use, which is often directly linked to the performance of most devices.

How to Stay Positive in a Modern Life



It’s no secret that nowadays world creates maximum possibilities for a person to become stressed. Anxiety and depression are the two disorders so properly characterizing the modern society. The tendency of people becoming depressed starts showing some alarming figures: 1 of 10 people on the planet is subjected to a mental disorder. The problem is people start losing faith in themselves and their future in general. As the result, thousands of families break apart and millions of lives end…

This frightening phenomenon has attracted a raised attention from a whole variety of social organizations. Fighting it has become a matter of urgent priority. In our attempts to give hand to everyone who might need it, we’ve decided to write an article on how one brings colors to his life and makes it brighter. Hopefully, this can help everyone.

Put limits to using electronics


The primary thing you should do to get out of anxiety is to take a break from using electronics. One can’t totally isolate oneself from current trends and media in particular, however, putting limits to its use will only benefit to your health. No matter what you do, watch movies or play the casino slots, you need to do breaks. In case with the latter, we know that gambling is a very engaging kind of activity. So once you’ve got your online casino sign up bonuses and picked a game, it’s recommended to leave it for a while and go for a walk. Planning your strategy will flow much more productively when done in the fresh air.

Learn to notice the good


There are always good things surrounding you, no matter what’s actually going on. Instead of painting the picture black switch to some positive thoughts. Fired from job? Think of it as of opportunity to start a new life and devote yourself to something worthy. Broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend? You’ve cleared space for some real relationships, based on mutual respect and love. Also things like sun, skies above, good health and air in your lungs are already reasons to stay happy.

Repeat affirmations to yourself


Get rid of negativity by repeating the positive affirmations like “I am confident. I possess the skills to do it.” The statements should always be present tense, positive and sound believable. Works better if you do it in front of a mirror.

Try being outside as often as you can


Lots of studies have proved that being in the nature positively influences your thinking and overall life perception. Casting off shackles of the electronic nets is sometimes all you need. Log out from your Facebook account, turn off TV and go for a walk! Fresh air will significantly improve your brain activity, same as other life processes. Also, meeting nice people would grant a chance to experience some brand new impressions.

5 Ways to Sell Your Diamond Ring

Whatever your reason is for selling your diamond ring, rest assured that there are many options available to you and likely something you will be pleased with. The five ways to sell a diamond ring below each state the various pros and cons that could make one a more appealing option to you. Some people are looking to earn as much money as possible, while others may be interested in taking less if they could get the money faster. Depending on your circumstance, read through what we have to say about the different options you have when selling a diamond ring to determine what your best option is.


The first thing that many people think of when it comes to selling something is going into the local pawnshop and negotiating on a price. Pawnshops buy a variety of items and are generally open at all hours of the day to provide people the opportunity to get cash when they need it. Selling a diamond ring to a pawnshop will definitely put money in your pocket quickly, but how much will they really give you for it? Chances are you will not receive as much as you thought you would and the reason for that is simple. Diamond are difficult to grade and require special tools that most pawnshops don’t have. So if you are looking for some quick cash, then head down to your local pawnshop, but other options will pay more cash for your diamond ring,

Online Diamond Buyers

The best place to sell a diamond ring is to an online diamond buyer. They specialize in purchasing diamonds and diamond jewelry, and have the proper people and resources to give accurate appraisals. These accurate appraisals allow the online diamond buyers to remain in business while offering their customers more money than the competition. Another benefit of using an online diamond buyer is the convenience of the process. Just ship your diamonds in an insured and prepaid package, then wait for an offer and they will quickly transfer money into your bank account. Online diamond buyers reach customers from all over the world and have continued to become more popular as people discover their services. While online diamond buyers are the best way to sell a diamond ring, it still will take a few days to receive your money.

Local Jewelers

Local jewelers are sometimes interested in purchasing jewelry from customers if they are looking to add to their inventory. The good thing about jewelers is that they are familiar with how a diamond is graded, and the different characteristics that can both add to and reduce the value of the diamond. Another benefit of this is that you can compare your diamond ring to the prices of similar ones in the store to help with negotiating a fair price. Besides the possible difficulty of a jewelers not being interested in purchasing more jewelry at the time, it is still a good idea to check with your local jewelers when selling a diamond ring.

Jewelry Expos

If there is not a local jeweler in your area looking to purchase diamond rings, another option is jewelry expos and other events where people show off their jewelry. These types of events not only bring together people who are interested in purchasing jewelry, but you can also find very knowledgeable people who could offer an appraisal. Even if you do not find someone to buy your ring, there is also the opportunity to trade it for another piece of jewelry that you like better and would wear more often. Generally people are looking to sell their diamond ring for cash, and we have one more suggestion you could try.

Jewelry Auctions

Jewelry auctions can be risky depending on the different stipulations with each individual auction. The good is that a jewelry-specific auction will bring jewelry buyers to one place that usually has its items evaluated before being auctioned off. This allows the buyers to bid with confidence and can lead to some high price. The bad news is if there is only one bidder interested and the price is much lower than expected. On top of the low price, there are likely also fees associated with entering you diamond ring in the auction along with a percentage of the price it sold for. These jewelry auctions could earn you the most money out of any of the options listed, but it is also the riskiest.

Depending on your situation, you may find one of these options more appealing than the others for selling your diamond ring. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks and it is up to you to decide which service will provide you with what you are looking for.

5 Tips For Finding A Trustworthy Gold Buyer

People often have a negative depiction of the local pawnshops and cash for gold dealers in their area without ever having stepped foot in the store. It is true that some of these places may not conduct business in the most upstanding manner, luckily there are probably many gold buyers to choose from in your city that are reputable. Finding a trustworthy gold buyer is easy by simply using the tips below:

Understanding Gold Buyers and Their Offers

By having knowledge on how a gold buyer comes up with their offer can be a big help in determining whether you are getting a fair deal or not. The price of gold is always changing depending on the economy and selling when the price is high could earn you more money. The gold buyer may advertise their current offers with a percentage. What this means is that if gold is currently prices at $1,200/oz and the gold buyer was offering 75%, you would receive $900 for bringing in an ounce of gold. So why not the full $1,200? This is because in order for the gold buyer to stay in business, they need to make a profit when they go and sell what you gave them, and refiners are making a profit too (the person buying your gold isn’t even getting close to 100%). Sometimes an offer or percentage is not advertised, but by checking the price of gold and weighing your items beforehand, you can still have an idea if you are dealing with a trustworthy buyer.

Check Out Your Options

As it was mentioned above, there are probably a good amount of gold buyers in your area. There are websites available to help you find cash for gold nearby and that is a good place to start seeing what options are available. See what gold buyers are close to your home and check out their website. The business’ websites may advertise their current deal and offers along with provide you with insight on how long they have been in business as well as give you a general idea of the place.

See What Others Had To Say

Sometimes people have an unrealistic expectation of what their item is worth and this can lead to unwarranted negative reviews. It is a good idea to focus on what people had to say about the customer service they received, rather than the price of their item because we all want more money. Another good thing to look for is someone who had received more money than they were asking. While gold is generally straightforward, some businesses buy a variety of items and not taking advantage of someone who didn’t know the value of what they had is an excellent sign of a trustworthy gold buyer.

Ask Friends & Family

The people closest to you can likely give you an honest review if they have used the services of a local gold buyer before. You will be able to have questions answered that the reviews could not and a conversation should provide more insight that a short paragraph and rating. If the person you were speaking with visited multiple businesses, they could tell you which ones not to bother with and save you some time.

Shop Around

There is nothing wrong with taking your gold to different buyers and seeing what they each have to offer. You will be able to see who is offering the most money, and more importantly the ones who keep their offer if you return, will show that they are trustworthy. Gold buyers that treat their customers with excellent service know that the customer will return the next time they sell gold, if the customer was offered the best price and was still able to receive that amount later. This is a good sign of a trustworthy gold buyer and another tip to help determine who is.

Following these tips will allow you to find the mist trustworthy buyers in your area. Finding a trustworthy buyer is important to ensure that you are getting a fair deal every time you have something to sell, but most importantly is that a trustworthy buyer will likely offer the most money.

Local Gold Buyers Turning to Diamond Buying Industry

Gold, silver, and platinum buying is a business that has been around a long time. And it’s not too difficult either, from a buyer’s perspective. No knowledge is necessary about rarity or condition, no price ambiguity, and relatively easy and liquid selling on the other end. Simple metallic tests can determine if pieces are genuine, making market entry with little knowledge possible. So it’s no wonder you saw a new cash for gold business on every corner during the boom.

But in Rochester New York, the team at Ridge Coin & Gold Exchange do things a little bit differently. They’ve been in business for decades, also coming from a background dealing in antiques are rare items (including collectible gold, silver, and platinum coins). They are much more than your typical “cash for gold” company, with a booming local business based on their expertise and ability to accurately value what customers bring to their shop. After experiencing so much success in restoring the reputation of the cash for gold market in the area, they’re taking to the next market in need of disruption: diamonds.

If you’re at all familiar with the diamond business, you’ve probably heard of its jaded past. From market monopolies to terrifying accounts of “blood diamond” fame, the diamond business is as ugly as it is lucrative for these multinational companies. Diamonds aren’t as rare as you might think, and they can more or less be produced artificially. So while we might need diamonds – those “diamonds are a girls’ best friend” marketing slogans are pretty engrained in our traditions – these are so many in circulation at this point that a better solution must exist for providing beautiful, affordable pieces to people in the market for diamonds and diamond jewelry.

That’s where Ridge Coin comes in. They have GIA certified experts on their team that know how to properly appraise and price diamonds quickly and accurately. After a short inspection of a diamond someone brings in, they are able to determine its value, how difficult it might be to resell, and offer cash on the spot for the stone. They are then attempting to make a stronger second-hand diamond market, selling diamonds to individuals at a fraction of retail costs.

This transformation of the industry immediately benefits buyers much more than it does sellers. While sellers are receiving much more than they would have from a jeweler, the gigantic retail markup in the diamond industry leave most people surprised at how little the diamond is worth. Between the big markup and the craftsmanship required to produce a custom ring (a lot of people these days have rings customized), a $15k retail ring might fetch $3k. Ridge Coin aims to be the top of that spectrum due to their resale network and volume. Still, they’ll be looking to sell that same diamond for $3.5-$4.5k after months of searching.

So, the real winners here are the people buying the $15k diamond ring for $4k. There’s something sentimental about the “I don’t want a ring that was meant for someone else”, but that stance is rather antiquated and people are getting past it. That line of logic is just another example of the successful marketing that the huge retail diamond industry has been able to execute. They’ve convinced people that engagement rings are so incredibly personal, even a personalized or modified second-hand ring is “used” and not as good as one that has never been owned before. Is that worth paying an extra $11k? It’s probably not even worth paying an extra $1k, but fighting past decades of marketing is easier said than done.

People who want to sell an old engagement ring, loose diamonds, or jewelry that has been passed down can now do so at Ridge Coin. Their service is just local at this point, so you’d have to travel to their Rochester NY location in order to buy or sell valuables.

If you’re shopping for a new engagement ring, Ridge Coin is also a great first place to stop. They have a fantastic selection of engagement rings that look just like new and are likely to cost you half as much (or less) than a new ring.

It’s tough to say how willing diamond buyers will be to shift the market and accept “used” or “rebuilt” diamond rings as acceptable. The desire to buy a ring from a fancy jewelry strong is strong, and many people will spend more just because they don’t want their fiancé to think they’re “cheap” or that she is worth any less. While we don’t think it’s a reflection of that at all, surely not everyone will feel the same way. As far as we’re concerned, getting the best ring at the best price should always be the priority.

How Cash for Gold Buying Prices Work

From time to time, people need quite a bit of cash quickly. Whether it’s the result of unlucky or unpleasant circumstances, or a great opportunity that requires some cash, sometimes you can’t wait for a loan or that next paycheck. Selling gold or pawning items has long been a source of asset-backed short-term loans, but it really came to prominence again with the surge in prices from 2002-2011.

During that surge, cash for gold companies earned a bit of a bad name. Labelled “scams” and often derided for unsavory business practices and taking advantage of people, cash for gold companies were popping up on every corner to separate people from their gold. The industry, which had largely been fairly trustworthy and straight-forward, all of a sudden saw a deluge of shady businesses open up and take advantage of customers who didn’t fully understand the value of their gold. Continue reading “How Cash for Gold Buying Prices Work”