How to Stay Positive in a Modern Life

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It’s no secret that nowadays world creates maximum possibilities for a person to become stressed. Anxiety and depression are the two disorders so properly characterizing the modern society. The tendency of people becoming depressed starts showing some alarming figures: 1 of 10 people on the planet is subjected to a mental disorder. The problem is people start losing faith in themselves and their future in general. As the result, thousands of families break apart and millions of lives end…

This frightening phenomenon has attracted a raised attention from a whole variety of social organizations. Fighting it has become a matter of urgent priority. In our attempts to give hand to everyone who might need it, we’ve decided to write an article on how one brings colors to his life and makes it brighter. Hopefully, this can help everyone.

Put limits to using electronics


The primary thing you should do to get out of anxiety is to take a break from using electronics. One can’t totally isolate oneself from current trends and media in particular, however, putting limits to its use will only benefit to your health. No matter what you do, watch movies or play the casino slots, you need to do breaks. In case with the latter, we know that gambling is a very engaging kind of activity. So once you’ve got your online casino sign up bonuses and picked a game, it’s recommended to leave it for a while and go for a walk. Planning your strategy will flow much more productively when done in the fresh air.

Learn to notice the good


There are always good things surrounding you, no matter what’s actually going on. Instead of painting the picture black switch to some positive thoughts. Fired from job? Think of it as of opportunity to start a new life and devote yourself to something worthy. Broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend? You’ve cleared space for some real relationships, based on mutual respect and love. Also things like sun, skies above, good health and air in your lungs are already reasons to stay happy.

Repeat affirmations to yourself


Get rid of negativity by repeating the positive affirmations like “I am confident. I possess the skills to do it.” The statements should always be present tense, positive and sound believable. Works better if you do it in front of a mirror.

Try being outside as often as you can


Lots of studies have proved that being in the nature positively influences your thinking and overall life perception. Casting off shackles of the electronic nets is sometimes all you need. Log out from your Facebook account, turn off TV and go for a walk! Fresh air will significantly improve your brain activity, same as other life processes. Also, meeting nice people would grant a chance to experience some brand new impressions.


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Fiona is a stay at home mum of 3 and a wife to a city banker. In her spare time (when not looking after the kids) she enjoys running, blogging and taking the digs for long walks.