Your Best Bet at Winning the Lottery

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I’d love for you to take a moment to think about something I’m about to demonstrate, although it’s merely a theory at this stage. For as long as we can all remember, the lottery has been around as a way through which one in a about a million people can become extremely wealthy overnight, but it’s also something which has created a whole lot of jobs and helped some people who could really do with some financial aid (charity). So the lotto is an institution which just keeps on growing and thriving, with all manner of new records in winnings and takings set every other week, despite what the news reports about the state of the economy.

As long as there’s a slight chance, however tiny that slight chance is, to become an overnight multimillionaire, people will continue buying lottery tickets and the institution that is the lottery will just keep growing with the times.

If you have any interest in working out the odds of winning the lotto however, you’ll perhaps be totally put off by what seems like zero odds of ever winning. You’re perhaps right — you’re probably never going to pick the right combination of winning numbers out of the many millions of combinations and so you’ll probably never win the lottery, but therein lies the opportunity to increase your odds of winning and perhaps even make sure to get your slice of the many millions available through winning the lottery. Think about this for a second — millions upon millions of people religiously play the lotto each day, somewhere around the world, whether it’s the lottery operated locally in your own country or indeed if it’s a lotto powerball run abroad. Now if you have about a one in ten billion chance of winning the lotto through playing one set of numbers, knowledge of this will probably deter you from ever trying your luck with the lottery again.

Yet you hear with rather consistent regularity of how some lucky fish won the lottery, with millions of these stories existent to date. That’s where you should be looking if you want to increase your odds of ever winning the lottery, perhaps not so that you can become extremely wealthy overnight, but rather so that you can get a good joint-contribution- or investment-operation going. Something akin to an investors’ club. If you can get a good number of people who play the lottery together (and I mean a lot of people), pooling the money you play with to possibly split the winnings is perhaps your best bet at winning the lottery. Yes, the winnings won’t all be yours, but that’s a great way to start something in the likeness of a private “public fund” going, with capital coming from the winnings that will eventually come from playing lotto-type games with vastly increased odds of winning.

Joint lotto-playing clubs already exist, but you can incentivise members to sign up to your particular joint lotto-playing club by not resolving to merely distribute what would be marginal winnings amongst contributors, but rather using those winnings (and perhaps some of the money you would have otherwise used to bet on the lotto with) to perhaps invest in something with the potential of seriously blowing up, or something which grows steadily.


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