Running a Varsity Bulk-Buying & Savings Club

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We’re all very aware of the fact that buying in bulk comes with mega savings, yet we seem to be overlooking this practice as a really practical way to save money. If you’re a budding penny-pinching student who really wants to be savvier with your money, your varsity days present you with the perfect opportunity to do so by running a bulk-buying and savings club. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to jump on board, with all they really needed having been a legitimate and formalised platform over which to participate.

Formalise Your Operation

Student bodies, student mentors and anybody generally involved with the student-support part of college and university life absolutely love initiatives which are geared towards helping students in whatever way possible. Getting them involved in your bulk-buying and savings club will give your operation the legitimacy it needs to draw the critical mass to get it off the ground and operating efficiently. Remember that the ultimate aim is for you to save money on the goods you buy as a student, along with providing a platform for like-minded colleagues to also save big.

Try to get the official endorsement of the relevant authority at your academic institution and half your job is done. Next, try to recruit students who commit to at least entertaining the idea while they learn about the principles to be employed once the savings club becomes fully active. So at this point it’ll just be a theory, but a theory modelled on real-world examples, using real world prices of the goods most students already spend their money on.

You can get a website set up for cheap by either bringing on board some students who are studying in that field (IT, Web Development, Programming, Computer Science, etc.) or you can build the website yourself using one of many WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web design services like WordPress, Joomla, Wix etc.

You’ll have plenty of time to run simulations of how much you’ll collectively save if all members who buy the same stuff (like groceries, mobile phone airtime credits, etc) in bulk. By having all members commit to pooling the money they’d otherwise spend individually together and buying in bulk in this way, some good savings can be amassed and the little bulk-buying and savings club will likely realise natural growth due to the popularity of just affording students the opportunity to have their tight budgets go further.


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