Invest in Your Home: How to Increase the Value of Your Property

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Your home is your haven, and from the moment you moved in, you’ll probably have been planning ways to improve it. You’ll want it to be a place where you can kick back and relax at the end of the day, surrounded by pleasing d├ęcor and a vibe that suits your personality. It needs to provide the necessary space, storage, and fittings that you require, whilst remaining aesthetically attractive and individual.

Yet savvy homeowners know that it’s not all about taking your personal preferences into consideration. Although some people may stay in their first home for the rest of their lives, most of us move house at some point, and when we do, we want to make more than we paid. Luckily, there are lots of ways to invest in your home over the years in order to increase its value. To help you out, here are three to get you started.

#1: Extend

Bigger is usually better, and this is almost always the case with property. The larger the floor space of your home, the higher its value is likely to be, and adding an additional bathroom or bedroom, or creating a utility area, can really help to ramp up the price. Although extensions are costly, studies show that they tend to add significantly more value to your house than you’ll ever spend on them.

Little wonder, then, that they’re the number one home improvement for those looking to increase the price tag of their property. In order to ensure that you spend the least amount of money possible, planning in advance is important. For example, looking for a roll off waste container rental service to dispose of all your materials, hiring contractors, and thinking about the interior design, are all things you can start thinking about now so that when you have the funds, you can get started right away.

#2: Convert

Increasing your floor space will always add pounds to your property, but extending is not the only way that you can achieve this. Lots of people choose to convert existing under-utilised areas of their home, such as their loft, basement, or garage. The statistics show that 90 per cent of the latter don’t actually contain a car, and considering that yours could add thousands to your home if converted, changing its usage is an easy option for those with money on their minds.

#3: Update

Thirdly and finally, look at updating your home a little. Although period features can add value in and of themselves, old electrics and plumbing, and an aged bathroom and kitchen, won’t. If yours are outdated, take the plunge and modernise. You can do some basic repairs and renovations around the house by hiring an appropriate professional for it. For instance, you can hire a plumber in Tampa or one that operated in your neighborhood to get repairs like drainage blocks, tap leakages, and broken pipes, done by an expert.

Your property’s curb appeal and interior aesthetics can highly affect its value and selling cost. Moreover, you can get the renovation done around the house at an affordable price or can even consider taking it up as a DIY project based on your skills and experience. Your hard work and labour will pay dividends when it comes to selling your property further down the line and will add thousands of pounds to your asking price. What’s more, there are lots of competitive borrowing options available for those who don’t have the money immediately to hand, making these sorts of improvements a viable option for most.

If you want to add pounds to the price tag of your property, utilise these tips and start planning today.


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