Contemporary Apartment Decor on a Student’s Budget

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The fact that you have a limited student’s budget which could never realistically afford you one of those modern houses you dream of shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about modern living though. With some creative interior decorating, bargain-hunting and arrangement hacks, you can enjoy living in a contemporary-styled apartment even on your student’s budget.

The Building is Only Part of the Equation

There are chances that the place you’re staying in is one among the many Apartment Rentals in Los Angeles. Perhaps your flat is fully furnished, which reduces the need to decorate the place. But if you’re staying somewhere that requires personalization, you should know that you can still work the interior space to depict a contemporary style, even if you’re a student living on a budget. It is also important to know that the building is indeed, half of the equation. But most modern-day buildings already feature the profile of ultra-modern or contemporary designs and tend to be much easier to work with if you want to top it off with a contemporary interior space.

You can also add some functional elements that will also make the exterior of your apartment stand out, like adding a cover over your balcony. You can look into Edmonton professional awnings (or a similar service near you) to see the different options available and how they would fit into the overall aesthetic of your place. Getting an awning would also make your apartment stand out to anyone looking at it from outside, and it also serves the purpose of protecting your balcony from rain.

Accentuating the Perimeter

Modern living is about interior spaces that flow seamlessly into the outdoors, characterised by big entrances and big windows. The entrances tend to disappear when the doors are fully opened, creating the illusion of an open house with no doors at all. To achieve the same effect in your apartment, or something close to it rather, make use of balcony entrances and doorways as placement spots for some of your living-area furniture. A collection of dresser-chair-type couches (those cubic ones) will work well to achieve this if a few of them line the entryway.

To really give your furniture some power, make sure to choose dresser-chair couches that match some outdoor elements in colour. Since your apartment will likely not be on the ground floor, some colours brought in from outside your balcony, for instance, maybe be sky-blue, earthy-brown, or red if you have a face-brick exterior, could help to give interiors a natural look. You can also use lighting fixtures, art, and wall signages to enhance aesthetics as well as set a theme indoors. So, if you are a trend follower and have an interest in gaming, anime, manga, or other special hobbies, you can consider decor items such as custom neon signs sold by companies like Neon Mama or similar others. These special interior characteristics could help you to provide a personal touch to your new apartment without having to spend a lot of money.

Accentuating the perimeter is topped-off by placing most of your interior furniture closer to the walls of the main living space, creating the illusion of a big and open interior space that is synonymous with a modern-styled home.

Demo Furniture Pieces

Don’t be in too much of a rush to have your interior space completely finished by way of the decorations. True bargains are the preserve of those who can wait and are patient enough to hunt them using all channels. Demo furniture can afford students some quality contemporary pieces at a very nice price, which will have your apartment looking like a million quid on a budget.


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