3 Careers The Help You Give Back To The Community While Making A Living

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When a child is growing up and considering what they would like to be when they get there, it is normal for them to look to Mom and Dad and their favorite cartoons as role models. They dream of everything from becoming the Hulk to being a doctor, fire firefighter, or a mommy.

Many times the option of giving back to the community doesn’t begin to come into the picture until they are much older. However, you can teach them otherwise while they are young. Below are some ideas for jobs that will help to give back while helping you or your child earn a living.

Community Beautification

What is the first thing you see when entering into a new city? It could be the boy on the bike you almost ran over, but more often than not, it is the state the community keeps its grounds in. Are the buildings well taken care of?

Is there trash strewn all over the place? Does the city take care of its greens? Do the residents take good care of their lawns? All of these attributes contribute to the overall opinion of visiting tourists and local residents, alike. That opinion can determine whether or not they choose to spend their money in that city and thus contributes to the overall wealth of the community.

So, why not take up a career in city beautification? You can power wash buildings and clean windows or take it upon yourself to make sure that every green thing in the city is neatly trimmed and begging for people to take a walk outside.

The Justice System

In a world where people have a hard time working out the simplest of issues with each other, the justice system has become more important than ever. While some argue that the justice system brings very little justice, the United States would be in imminent peril in the complete absence of one.

There are several ways you can give back to the community in a justice career. Granted, the little kid in you would rather just visit a telephone booth and come out fighting crime, but there are ways to do the same thing that will give you a paycheck, as well.

You can fight crime one on one as a police or corrections officer. We are always in need of well versed, honest lawyers and paralegals. If you wish to aim a little higher on the ladder, you could shoot for a position as a judge or even higher than that as a Supreme Court Justice.

Daycare Center Worker Or Babysitter

How many of you have ever had to cancel an appointment or worse, a date, because you couldn’t find good childcare? Suffice it to say, there are probably several hands up at this point. Children are a blessing, no doubt about that, but they require constant attention and encouragement in order to grow into the productive members of society that we all hope they’ll be.

As parents, it is next to impossible to be with them every second of the day unless you are afforded the blessing of being able to stay at home with them. Even then, every couple needs a good date night.

In order to ease the stress of balancing work, children, home, and other life matters, childcare centers and babysitters are needed. Many find this career option annoying and carrying very little pay. However, the relief it offers parents all over the world and the privilege to pour into little lives is worth it to the dedicated childcare worker.

Who says that you have to have a job where the only goal is to make money?! Take your passion and use it to give back to the community you live in.


About Author

Fiona is a stay at home mum of 3 and a wife to a city banker. In her spare time (when not looking after the kids) she enjoys running, blogging and taking the digs for long walks.