Tips For Effectively Saving Money Throughout The Year

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Saving money has long been a challenge for people in general.  It isn’t easy to hang onto something that can easily turn into something you need much more.  Hanging onto money throughout the year is the most epic of challenges for those of us who are not so great with our regular spending habits.  

The hurdle to success is self control.  You must set your mind to the idea of saving money, and then take steps (on a daily basis) to uphold your end goals.  Pay for that tummy tuck or that brand new car in cold, hard, cash!  Here are a few effective money-saving tips for anyone looking to save an extra buck (or hundreds) throughout the year.  

Record your expenses for a month

Getting to that ultimate savings goal starts by first completing the necessary audit of your current financial situation.  If you do not already have an evolved sense of where your pennies are going, then it is important to take a thorough and honest stock.  

Take note of everything you spend money on for the length of the month.  Write it all down, and take a very honest look at where every cent is being spent.  Once you have a clear picture of your finances, you will be better equipped to design a functional budget.  

Design a budget and stick to it

Design a functional budget, and stick to the guidelines of what you have set out for your monthly spending.  An unrespected budget is a useless collection of information.  Don’t waste your time writing one out if you are not willing to apply yourself.  

The biggest drawback of writing a budget is failure.  Spend time researching ways to gain the upper hand over your own sense of self control.  Meditate if you have to, but learn how to make a plan, and follow through.  

Make saving money an automatic part of life

When saving money is just something you do, you will be much more successful at meeting your savings goals.  Work a “savings” section into your monthly budget like you would an electric bill, or some other essential part of existence, like food.  

Maintaining a healthy savings account is a good way to feel more comfortable in the case of an emergency.  A stash of money equals peace of mind to many people, so work towards a more sound mind.  

To help you contribute to this new part of your budget, incorporate saving money into your daily habits. You can do this by shopping in cheaper grocery stores, cutting back on trips to coffee shops and checking sites like Only Reviews for cheaper alternatives of products that you need before buying them.

Choose a reason or goal for your savings

Purpose is a powerful tool for savings.  Decide why it is important for you to save money in life.  You may want to work towards a college fund for your children, paying off your mortgage, a new car, or some other expensive milestone of life.  


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Fiona is a stay at home mum of 3 and a wife to a city banker. In her spare time (when not looking after the kids) she enjoys running, blogging and taking the digs for long walks.