Small Businesses and Credit Card Payments

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The credit and debit card have been with us for many years now, and are an accepted and efficient method of payment in most places. Indeed, any business that takes face to face or over the counter payments needs to be up to speed with card payment solutions or they may face missing out on potential extra business. When you consider that most people carry at least one card – it’s far more convenient than cash, after all – you could be losing plenty potential income by not accepting plastic, so it is certainly worth considering.

Consider this, also: research shows that, when paying by card, the consumer is likely to spend more than when paying with cash – by as much as 20%! That’s 20% extra income you are potentially missing out on, and no small business can afford that. You can rectify this by getting up to date with card processing, and you should email, the leading name in the field, for all the information you need on the very best in card payment solutions for your requirements.

Credit Card Machines

You can choose from a full range of credit card machines for small businesses at Merchant Account Solutions, as they have the very best range available. For example: do you run a café or small bistro? If so, you could benefit – in terms of time saved and more – by investing in a hand-held wireless terminal, which will allow your team to take the payment centre to the customer. The customer will be happy, and you will, too. Of course, you’re worried about the cost; you don’t need to, as Merchant Account Solutions has a range of options to choose from, at sensible and affordable rates.

In addition to their great range of equipment, they can also offer you an excellent business accounting software package, which will help you with the daily running of your business. Small businesses generally can’t afford to employ a full-time accounts team, so this package – QuickBooks – will help save time that could be better spent in other areas where you are needed and more proficient. QuickBooks is the most popular and proven accounting software package for smaller business, and has many users in a wide variety of different areas of commerce and industry.

Increase your Efficiency

As we have already said, investing in credit card machines is a must, especially as it will increase your efficiency by a considerable amount. Streamlining the point-of-sale process is the key to making your small business more efficient. So, consider investing in solutions that focus on Payment and Disbursement for small business houses. Investing in a payment solution could enable you to isolate your cash flow through a singular platform. This simplifies the payment processes and increases productivity.

Take, mini marts and dispensaries for example. They thrive on being able to service customers quickly, and it is therefore crucial to their success. You could learn more about what it takes to run a successful dispensary ( or any other type of business, and you would realize that the fundamentals stay the same pretty much everywhere. Coming back to the point, being able to service customers quickly – especially with smaller payments where they can use a contactless card and pay in seconds – is a vital part of growing a smaller business, so you need to bring your payment system up to date.

Have a look at the different payment service providers now, or get in touch with them using their contact details, and one of the friendly, expert team would probably be happy to answer any questions and help get you up and running quickly.


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