Top 4 eCommerce Business Tips for Newcomers

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While everyone knows that ecommerce is huge in 2017 a surprisingly large portion of the trade remains oblivious of the lucrative business opportunities this amazing trend can create. Shopping through an app or a website is much simpler, more convenient and even cheaper but choosing to do business online doesn’t instantly guarantee you a success. In order to get there, you have to learn your way around this industry and here are five tips that can be particularly helpful.

1. Choosing the right niche

Before you even decide to start paving your path in the world of ecommerce you need to pick the right niche. On one hand, you want to do something you are familiar with and even something you are passionate about. In this way, you can always ensure your creative juices are flowing during a marketing campaign brainstorming but you are also making sure that you won’t get bored and abandon the project before it becomes profitable. On the other hand, you want something that will gauge the interest of your audience and something with a competition that you know you can best. Not an easy task but starting a business was never supposed to be easy in the first place.

2. Think about the logistics

The next thing you should start thinking about it the logistics surrounding your business. We are talking about things like finding the right warehouse storage in Sydney based business to take care of your products or finding the most efficient delivery method. Aside from this, you also need to make a decision based on your delivery policy. You see, some businesses offer a next-day, while some even go as far as to include a same-day delivery option. Moreover, for those who decide to buy or construct their own warehouse, there are other things to worry about, like choosing an adequate warehouse management software or hiring the right people for the job.

3. Starting a blog

While there are many other efficient digital marketing methods, starting a blog is a must for anyone who is serious about running an ecommerce business. Look for simple ecommerce blog advice on the internet and focus on prioritizing user experience. A seamless and intuitive online reading experience can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining customers. Ensure that your blogs are easy to understand, with clear product descriptions, and high-quality images. While choosing the right blogging platform, finding your voice and learning how to create quality topics may be the basics, the devil is in the details. In order to uncover blogging methods that can yield you the greatest ROI, you might want to check out some of the biggest names in the ecommerce industry and see what their blogs are all about. Stealing ideas from a single source is called plagiarism, however, stealing from numerous sources is called a research.

4. Focus on creating return customers

Finally, you need to keep in mind that 8 percent of return customers generate 40 percent of your entire profit. This is why you need to develop a great post-sale follow-up strategy. The first step in doing so lies in making a great first impression, seeing how a business well done might on its own be enough for a significant portion of your customers to come back. Aside from this, you might also want to consider email marketing as a viable option. One last thing, loyalty programs of any kind, like discounts on subsequent purchases or coupons might also be an effective tool in creating return business.


While there are more than a few other tips you could turn towards, these four should probably be the first four steps towards starting an ecommerce business. Make sure to do an extensive research on all of these issues, seeing how a single oversight in the planning stage might cause a serious setback further down the line. Still, by making a solid foundation to your ecommerce business, you can ensure it is well prepared for future expansion.


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