6 Essential Car Accessories for a Company Vehicle

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When on the road, whether it’s home or abroad, the company car is your office on wheels. Of course, it might not have been made with business in mind, but with a couple of tweaks, you can easily make it business-worthy.

Company cars are not only a great way to make your business feel legitimate but also a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. For example, using vinyl transfer stickers you can promote your brand’s name on your company cars, or the colour of your car can also be a branding method. Either way, besides the marketing opportunity, your car also needs some essentials. So, here’s a list of 6 car accessories for a company vehicle.

1. Smartphone holder

Okay, you probably have this accessory in your private vehicle, to begin with, but there are better docking stations for your company vehicle. For example, easily installable smartphone charging pads are Qi-compatible, plus feature a JBL audio system. Having your smartphone at the ready in your vehicle is important for a multitude of reasons: it can help you with navigation, it allows you to place phone calls hands-free, plus it offers easy access to a ton of information online, which can be a huge bonus for any businessperson driving a company vehicle.

2. Dash cam

Let’s face it, there’s always a possibility of a roadside accident, and the fact that you’re in a company car doesn’t trim these chances. If you are in a personal vehicle and experience a fender-bender, you’re the one who’s in charge of your vehicle – when it comes to the damage brought upon your car, you get to decide what you do with it. However, an accident in a company vehicle will put you in blame; you’re going to be held responsible and bad people out there are going to try and commit insurance fraud, especially on company car’s. A simple dash cam can help you avoid these situations. Cheap, light and court-admissible, a dash cam can save you a ton of money and inconvenience.

3. Bluetooth adapter kit for your stereo

You do not have to suffer random radio music no longer – you can now easily pick your own favorite toons to enjoy while you’re on the road, without having to install anything too expensive. Of course, although newer cars likely come with an already built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the fact that you’re in an older vehicle doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from streaming music. A Bluetooth adapter is compatible with the vast majority of car stereos and it costs a lot less than installing a new head unit.

4. Car vacuum

There is quite a number of rules inside your company vehicle, but the most prominent one is probably ‘Keep it clean!’. No matter how careful you are, you are bound to have a snack or two while on the road and a couple of crumbs will inevitably end up on the floor, seats and even on the dashboard. Having a tiny car-specific vacuum cleaner is a cheap and effective solution. Powered from your car’s cigarette lighter socket, these come with different extensions, to help you reach spots that are difficult to access.

5. GPS tracker

A GPS tracker is a neat gadget that will allow you to make sure that your company car is safe, while allowing you to track your on-the-road employees’ productivity levels. Usage reports and asset monitoring and protecting is the name of the game for a company that’s looking to improve its activity on the road.
A GPS tracking device is also excellent for when you need quick responders – if a client needs immediate attention, contact a nearby on-the-road employee for maximum effect.

6. Key tracker

Always being able to find your keys is as easy as registering the key tracker with a mobile app on your phone and connecting the actual key tracker unit to it. In fact, some of these are so cool, that they enable you to go the other way and locate your phone through your key tracker! Pretty neat, huh?

These car accessories will make your company vehicle a true efficient business machine. From something as mundane as a smartphone holder, to a key tracker that can help you find your own phone, these gadgets are all excellent additions to your company car.


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