Vital Components Of A Well-Built Website Design

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If you’re wondering why your business website isn’t producing like you has expected, there may be a few design aspects that need touching up.  Building your website is only the beginning. You must consistently work to improve your design, and learn how to better serve your target audience.  

Design a business website that works for the future of your organization.  Check out this simple look at just a few surface-level design components of a well-built business website, and consider how your own design compares.  

Encourage communication through design

Your website’s design should encourage communication from visitors at every turn.  You want to be able to sift through your viewer’s thoughts and experiences to find ways to make your site’s design more efficient.  

You also stand to gain valuable insight concerning your products and services.  People are brutally honest behind the safety of a keyboard, so there’s no worry about gathering true data from visitors.  

In addition to the traditional “Contact Us” setup, you should add other opportunities to connect on your site.  Try offering a live chat option (like this website has done), or a small contact form on the homepage to gather more insight from your key audience.  

Account for the popularity of mobile web

People don’t sit at home anymore, pecking at their PC keyboards and laptops.  We are an “on the go” society, and our digital interests have shifted towards convenience.  Mobile devices have the ability to do just about anything a personal computer can accomplish, but on a smaller scale.  

A smaller scale device requires a different sort of build for your website.  To easily optimize your website for mobile access, research the proper usage of “media queries.”  You will (in less than 10 minutes) be able to set your site to automatically augment its display to fit the screen that is viewing.  

Jump on the social media bandwagon

Social media is a life-saver for a struggling marketing campaign.  The digital world works a bit differently than the physical world of business, but one rule always remains the same.  The more people with which you make contact, the more likely you are to thrive as an organization.

Social media kicks your organization’s digital visibility into overdrive, so snag up any opportunity to link your products or services to the wide world of social media.  Try incorporating social media sharing buttons throughout your site’s design.

Research the proper use of SEO

Produce more targeted content with the use of search engine optimization.  SEO will teach you how to plop your website at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages), and guide you on what to do to keep it there.  


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