Do People Really Still Lie to Their Partners about Their Debt?

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It takes a lot of hard work to live the lifestyle of someone whose financial savvy has you carefully watching every pound you spend. If you can see the positive effects of your sustained effort to make every penny go further, you really don’t mind being labelled a penny-pincher though, but there’s a fine line between that and being perceived to be a full-scale miser. Ordinarily even the term miser doesn’t really have enough offensive ammunition to penetrate the penny-pinching amour of someone who is clever about their financial affairs, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the heart does indeed appear to have power over the mind.

This is probably why people still lie to their partners about their debt and surprisingly enough, it’s not just the lads who do it. Interestingly, it appears to be quite common for the ladies to lie about their debt too, which sort of throws the cats amongst the pigeons because you’d have thought it to be a traditionally motivated thing. Tradition surrounding financial matters and masculinity still has society placing a lot more expectation on the man in the relationship to be the provider. You see it when people go on first-dates and you see it quite consistently a long time after that, even once the relationship has flourished and developed into something long-term and serious. Ordinarily then, we’d have expected for the lads to be the ones who mostly lie about their debt, but that isn’t entirely the case.

People do indeed still lie to their partners about debt, which is quite disturbing given how recent history has repeatedly shown that this sort of thing never ends well, unless one of the partners was insanely wealthy or well-off enough to help alleviate their partner’s previously secret debt-mountain. When relationships become serious, the debt sort of naturally becomes a joint problem and there’s just no ways you can continue letting your partner drown in a sea of debt while you may have the means to help them. This is definitely a relationship tester though…

Some new research conducted online by a money-saving and voucher code site, My Voucher Codes, arrived at 37% as the number of people who lie to their partner about their debt in the UK. The question is “Why?” I mean eventually the truth will come out. Perhaps debt is perceived to be somewhat of a deal-breaker in the minds of many who are considering committing to a long-term relationship.

The degree to which people lie about their debt to their partners varies. A further breakdown of the survey’s results reveals some interesting findings. 18% of the participants overstated the total amount of debt they have as a means through which to worm their way out of having to pay joint bills, while 35% understated how much they owe. 47% flat out stated not to have any debt when they actually did and what they owe ranges from utility bills and rent arrears to student loans, credit cards, store cards, bank loans, overdrafts, payday loans , mortgages, store cars and hire purchases.

Interesting, isn’t it? It’s just another potential headache to deal with if you’ve personally been managing your finances to stay debt-free. This means there’s a 37% chance your love interest will be lying to you about their debt.


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